World Class Athletes in Hong Kong

none Hong Kong is not a city famous for sports. In history, Hong Kong has only got one Olympic Gold Medal. There are not so many support of sports from the Government. But the community is trying hard to support HK sports. Last Sunday, multinational electronics brand Panasonic announced the “Panasonic Sports Scholarship Programme”. 10 athletes get the support from Panasonic, with the amount of HK$162,000, to prepare for Olympic 2020.
photo credit: AM730
They include: Shek Wai Hung, HK’s first Gymnastics World Cup gold medal winner Kaylin Hsieh, HK’s first Junior World Fencing Championships Ng Ka Long, the career-high rank of 6 in men’s badminton single Grace Lau, a career-high rank of 3 in women’s Karate  20 years ago, we only know Lee Lai-shan, the only Olympic Gold Medal owner in HK. And now, we can see the development of HK sports, more and more world-class athletes are working hard for their achievement, as well as the achievement of HK. 
李麗珊 香港運動員唔係垃圾的圖片搜尋結果
Lee Lai Shan, photo credit: Apple Daily
When Lee lai-shan just won the windsurfer gold medal in Olympic 1996, she talked to the media: “Hong Kong athletes are not rubbish!”. You can imagine how the image of HK athletes was at that moment. And seems this sentence motivated HK young generation. Now we have more and more world-class athletes in HK. The Olympic 2020 is coming. I wish HK athletes will be working hard and bring HK another gold medal!