Unemployed Diary 4 – End of unemployment 失業日記 004 失業遊戲結束了


(photo from pixabay)

Two months of unemployment finally ended. It’s time for a new job haha.

In the two months, I experienced a couple of things: background actors, party room, exhibition helpers, as well as hosting a few projects with friends and partners. It’s a great chance for me to experience these things that I can never try before.

But of course, I am not yet a person for freelance. I am not young enough to build up my connection to earn enough for my life. And I got a lot of personal plan that need money. So now it’s still good time for me to have a job.

By the way, I had a new job already. It’s a challenging and funny job. And I think it quite suit me. But of course, time is needed to confirm if I fit the job of the job fits me. Let’s see. So, what is my new job? Tell you next time!


過去兩個月試了不少東西,做演員、PArty Room, 展覽、還和朋友一起搞了幾個計劃,基本上都沒有怎樣休息過!這些都是我之前工作時根本沒有機會嘗試的,這兩個月可說是我嘗鮮的兩個月。



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