Unemployed Diary 003 Work without money! 失業日記003 暫時未有回報的工作!


The third week, money is not enough!

The last two weeks were busy week again! I went to Shanghai with my friend and gave some suggestion to him about the possibility to open a dancing school at Shanghai. I had mentioned this story in my Shanghai Trip series. The trip was meaningful as my friend succeeded to confirm the details with his Shanghai partners. And his partner preferred to have Shanghai staff. So it’s not my business anymore haha.


Back to HK and rested for 1 day, I started another project. You may remember that I am helping a HK rapper. As he is an artist and has no experience in running a company, my experience is a great help to him. However, he is still at the start up stage and I am helping him for free with commission when I can get performances or classes for him. And it’s not enough for me. Haha! By the way, he is talented and you may take a look at his MV.
回香港後,休息了一天,就開始另一個項目了,之前我提到了幫助一位香港Rapper處理公司事情,這個事情已經在開始了!由於Rapper朋友是一位藝術家,沒有什麼公司行政的經驗,所以我的經驗對他很有幫助。不過,他仍在起步初期,所以我暫時是以顧問的形式幫助他,在幫他找到演出及學生時有一些的抽成,這個錢對我來說自然不夠,哈哈!By the way,這位Rapper是很有才華的一位Rapper,大家不妨看看他的一段MV!

And the remaining time I mainly help my fiend’s party room and also the job of back actors. And I am now leader of back actors team already haha.
剩餘的時間,我主要是協助朋友的Party Room營運,還有臨演的工作,不過,我已晉升為臨演帶隊了,這可能是有史以來升職升得最快的臨演帶隊,哈哈。

d45443c5-62b2-44e9-b0f5-587ae8b9d33c 2.jpg
One of the scenes of my back actor work

The party room

Although I got some little income these two weeks, I got time to think about what I want to do and what I want to get. OK! Work hard!

Thanks for spending your time to read my articles. I like to share stories of Hong Kong. I wish you may support me and I will keep going!