Unemployed Diary 002 – First week, even busier than having a job 失業日記002 – 比工作更繁忙的一周


Five day already since I was unemployed. Initially I planned to take a break and I could never imagine that I was even busier than having a job!

Last Monday was my first date of unemployment. I was busy packing things from office and reply messages which took me whole day. On Tuesday, I finally got a free day and spent time on Steemit. Then, busy Wednesday started.

On Wednesday, I started editing two videos. My friend just asked me to help making two videos for a concert with a super friendly price. So I took the whole morning on it. Then I went out and took photos for my HK Snapshot series but my ex boss keep calling asking a lot of questions. OK! mood lost!




Screen cap of the project


After photo taking, I went to a meeting. My friend was planning to open a youtube channel about food and invited me to join. The team is quite good! We have script writer and production working in Television. We have food professional and we have male and female MC already. It’s really a good timing for me to try it when I just quit my job. And then it’s lesson time after meeting and I back home at midnight.

拍攝過後,就去了另一個地方去開會,開的是什麼?我的一位朋友打算開一個youtube channel,他知我離職了就邀我一起搞,這個channel是關於飲食的,現在已有不錯的班底,有電視台的編劇,有食家,有男女主持,還有一位現正在電視台工作的拍攝人才,背後也有公司支持。對我來說,在我剛沒有工作的這段時間,加入這個團隊作出嘗試是最好的時機!會議過後就匆匆去上課進修,一直到深夜才回家。

My dinner at midnight

On Thursday morning, after sleeping less than half hour I woke up again. This time I went for shooting. I got quite a lot experience of shooting but my roll was usually production crew. And this time I was an extra haha. The shooting started from 0730 and ended at 1900. Then I went for a meeting again. My friend, a rapper, is opening his company and needed my help for the accounting stuff. I met the rapper long time ago and I believed he will succeed. Afterward was the dinner gathering of the youtube team and it’s midnight again after dinner…..


Shooting Shooting

Dinner gathering

Friday, I finally could stay at home, and busy for editing the video as the concert is at Saturday, which means today….

The schedule of this week is really full and busy. My earn was just less than 20% of my previous. But I found it very full, at least I knew what I was doing at every moment. My target now is to get the source of income enough for my daily life before my money is all used. I wish I can do it. If not, just go get a job, no big deal!



Thanks for spending your time to read my articles. I like to share stories of Hong Kong. I wish you may support me and I will keep going!