Unemployed Diary 001 – First day jobless 失業日記001 – 正式失業


My last post was already almost a week before! It’s because I was busy this week, not physically busy but also mentally busy.

Two months ago, I resigned for my job and I finally quit yesterday. My boss asked me to stay 2 months for following up stuffs and so I stayed 2 more months. I though this two months should be a honey moon. I gradually passed my jobs to colleagues and got nothing to do. But the truth is cruel. I still had a lot of works!




Everyday I was expecting the new colleague who take my position came and report duty. It’s not because I just wanted to passed all my jobs to him but also I “need” to pass my job so the company will still operate smoothly after my leave. But, the new colleague is still not hired haha. In my last week, my boss finally asked me to list my on hold job lists to him. I listed five to six pages to him.

I was still dealing with clients two days before leaving haha. At the same time, I was asked to assemble to PC computers…haha so my work was really busy until to last moment. Besides, some friends knew I was going to leave and they just called for meet up and dinner. And I had gathering every night haha. And finally my last day came. I am now officially unemployed.

每天我也期待接替我位置的新同事到來,不是因為我想盡快把工作都全推給他,而是因為我真的需要把工作轉下去,到我走的時候,也有人跟進我的工作,但是,到了我走的那一 天,新同事還沒有來。結果,在我上班的最後一個星期,老闆才匆匆叫我把現有的工作整理列表給他,結果我列表列了五六頁。


One man three computer

Last day with my room

Packing up my stuff and ready to leave

Final dinner with my colleagues

The first unemployed day was busy. I took all my stuffs from office to home and I spend half day to tidy up all the things. And then is dealing with the account of social media of my company like facebook, instagram, google calendar. I should had deleted 50-60 groups of WhatsApp and WeChat. And also replying message, many friends just knew I quit and messaged me. I took a few hours to deal with it haha.


Anyway, thanks for all reactions and comments

In short time I will take a break. I want to adjust my body clock, as well as summarising what I gained in the past years. At the same times, a few friends are asking me to help them. A former senior of the HK Tourism Board is also asking me for a meet up. So I am not worrying about jobs. I just want to get back the balance of work and life, and be happy.

I think I will keep update this dairy. Let’s me hong long I will end the diary haha.



Thanks for spending your time to read my articles. I like to share stories of Hong Kong. I wish you may support me and I will keep going!