Travel to Beijing(8) – Temple of Heaven 北京之旅(8) – 天壇


A week after HK20, Steemit finally back to normal. Let me continue the travel to Beijing.

There are too many places worth visiting in Beijing. On the last day of the trip, we visited the Temple of Heaven, the existing largest religious buildings for prayer to Heaven of the world. Built in 1420, the Temple of Heaven covers an area of 2.73M square meters. Only 28 Temples of Heaven can fill the Hong Kong Island. The Temple of Heaven was the place where the emperor of the Ming and Qing Dynasty worship the heaven for good harvest. In ancient China, the emperor was also called the Son of heaven. Worshiping the Heaven was the most important thing for an emperor. So the Temple of Heaven was one of the most important place for ancient China, as well as the Morden China.




There are three main buildings in the Temple of Heaven: The Circular Mound Altar for the annual ceremony worshiping the Heaven, The Imperial Vault of Heaven for placing the spirit tablet used in the ceremonies, The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests for praying for good harvests. The Temple of Heaven is the highest level of ancient Chinese architecture. It uses the principles of mechanics, acoustics and geometry to express the idea of the “Heaven”. The Temple of Heaven is divided into the inner altar and the outer altar. The three buildings mentioned are in the inner altar, located at the Eastern part. The western part is extremely empty, and people entering from the west gate may feel the greatness of the heavens. There are many aspects expressing the idea of “Heaven” but I am not a pro. So I don’t say too much.


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We entered the Temple of Heaven from the west gate. What we saw was a very very large park and I saw people jogging, walking. It has become a major resting place for Beijing residents. We kept moving to the inner altar at the east and we spent 20 minutes!



Entering the inner altar, we first visited the Imperial Vault of Heaven. It’s a single-gabled circular building contracting upwards, to “be closer to the heaven”. But it was not allowed to go in so we could only enjoyed the building outside.



Then we visited the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests. The architecture style is similar to the Imperial Vault of Heaven but it is much bigger and The square outside is large as well. We can find the serious concern of ancient China which was the agricultural country. The Beijing Olympic emblem unveiling ceremony also took place at the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests.



Unfortunately, the photos of the Circular Mound Altar in my camera were lost! Let me share the photos If there is chance to visit it again.


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