One Heart for Fundition – A heart of word cloud from Fundition’s purple paper


What is Fundition? It’s about love and hearts. Fundition just organized a contest in which we make a creative heart about Fundition.

Last week I made a heart with @catwomenteresa and she will post the photo soon. And now, I just try to see the word cloud from Fundition’s purple paper and it’s the result:

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 12.11.02 PM.png
Wish you all like this picture and know more about Fundition from this picture.

And I would like to encourage you to join the contest also. Fundition is a heart giving charity platform and it is meaningful to participate in! Check the link to the contest: Get your Reward with Contest of the Month

Participation rules:

• Use two tags on the Steemit post consisting “fundition” and “oneheart”
• Resteem this post so the others can see
• Write down a short description about the photo in the post
• Comment your post to know that you participated
• Only one entry per person
• The image has to contain the “” text written on a paper, wall or whatever is handy for you and depends on your creativity you have a chance to get a bigger upvote. (Keep in mind we don’t approve/support illegalities like writing with graffiti on public buildings or other things like that. Stay Creative and Clean)
• Add in your entry post the Participation rules and a link to the original contest post from Fundition.