My Postcrossing (7) Marina City, Singapore

none It’s always excited to receive postcards from Asia. Maybe I am in Asia too. This time, the postcard was from Singapore. On the picture, we can see the description of Marina City. I never visit Singapore before. I only stayed at Singapore Airport once, so I have no idea where Marina City is. I searched on the web and couldn’t find Marina City, but Marina Bay. I believe it is the Marina Bay!
不知為何,收到亞洲地區寄來的明信片總是特別興奮,可能是因為我也是身在亞洲吧!這次寄來的明信片是新加坡的,圖上的描述寫著Marina City。我沒有去過新加坡,只有一次轉機時在新加坡機場停留了幾個小時,所以我也不知道這是什麼地方,經上網一查,Marina City找不到,卻找到Marina Bay,我想,這個就是Marina Bay吧!這裡還請@ace108 核實一下!

Marina Bay is currently the most important area of Singapore. The Merlion, the observation wheel are also located here. Many national events are also held at Marina Bay. The Marina Bay is not natural. As Singapore is small, just like Hong Kong. Reclamation is needed for the development of the region. The Marina Bay is then reclaimed. Now, the development of Marina Bay is still kept going. Finally, show you a view of the Marina Bay!
Marina Bay中文是濱海灣,濱海灣可說是現在新加坡最重要的地段之一,大家熟識的魚尾獅、摩天輪也在這裡,就連國家活動也是在這裡舉行,這個海灣就有點像香港的維多利亞港了!本來這個海灣是不存在的,但因新加坡和香港一樣都是地少,所以新加坡一直都在填海造地,這個濱海灣就是這樣造出來,直到今天,濱海灣都一直在發展中。最後,附一張濱海灣全圖給大家看看!
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)