My Postcrossing (3) – Pfalzgrafenstein Castle, Germany

none Today, I received the third postcard from Postcrossing. The sender lives in the Rhine Valley in Germany. There are a lot of vineyards over the area and one of the tourist spots of the place is the Pfalzgrafenstein Castle.

The Pfalzgrafenstein Castle was built in 1327, located on the Falkenau island, by King Louis IV, the Bavarian of the Holy Roman Empire. The castle is one of the few along the Rhine River that are never conquered or destroyed by war, ice or flood. The function of the castle was toll collecting station of the Holy Roman Empire. All ships passing the castle had to pay the toll or they were kept in the dungeon. It provided a large income to the Holy Roman Empire.

(photo credit: German Institute Taipei)
In 1866, Prussia, former Germany, bought the castle and stop the tolls collection in 1867. It then became a signal station until 1946. In 1946, it became the property of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany.
德國的前身普魯士於1866年購買了這城堡,並於1867年停止了收費站的功能,轉而為一個交通信號站。直到1946年,它成為了萊茵蘭 – 普法爾茨州的財產。
Pfalzgrafenstein Castle in 1900 (photo credit: wikipedia)
Now the castle is a museum and restored the colour scheme of the baroque period which demonstrates the environment of the 14th century. It perfectly demonstrates it as there is no any modern facilities in the museum, even light or toilet. Now the Pfalzgrafenstein Castle is part of the Rhine Gorge, a World Heritage Stage.
The Rhine Gorge (photo credit:
Europeans always treasure heritage and keep the historical buildings in good status. If it is in HK, I believe that the Rhine River has been full of skyscrapers for sale. Great! I learn a new place!