My Postcrossing (12) – Yekaterinburg, Russia

It has been long time didn’t receive new postcards. When I just thought if there is control of mail in my city, a new postcard arrives. The postcard is from Russia again but the special thing is that, there was an envelop.

There’re many stamps on the envelop. Is it so expensive to mail from Russia to Hong Kong? Opening the envelop, I found some film leaflets. What do they mean…..?
Okay time for the postcard. My first feeling was that it is very like The Church of the Savior on Blood, which is in Saint Petersburg. After some research, I knew that this church is also related to blood. It is the Church on the blood, at Yekaterinburg.
Yekaterinburg is the fourth most populated city in Russia, and is important in the history of Russia. It is named after the wife of Peter the Great. Chiang Ching-kuo, son of Chiang Kai-shek, also met his wife in Yekaterinburg.
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Before the church was built, Nicholas II, the last Emperor of Russia, lived in the place (Ipatiev House). Later, Nicholas II and his family were shot. The church was then built to memorise it. It formal name is TheChurch on Blood in Honour of All Saints Resplendent in the Russian Land.
Up till now, I received a lot of postcard with historical building. And all these history was related to war and blood. Yes, the history of human is the history of war. I wish there is no war again in the future, as no one really want to fight.