My Postcrossing (11) – Lesser Town Bridge Towers, Prague

none Today I received a postcard from Czech. The sender is from Prague, the city of romance! On the postcard it’s a sketch of a bridge which look familiar. When I find the description “ Charles Bridge – Lesser Town Bridge Towers”, I remembered where it is!
這次收到了來自捷克的明信片,寄信人更是來自浪漫之都布拉格的女性朋友,害我都想想辦法去認識她了!明信片上的是一道橋的素描,看上去已經覺得很熟了,一看明信片上的描述是”Charles Bridge – Lesser Town Bridge Towers”,我就想起了這裡是什麼地方了!

If you are Marvel’s fans, You will remember that it’s the place where Peter Parker planned to confess to MJ. (I wish Spiderman will stay in the MCU.)
如果你是漫威粉絲,你都一定會想起了,這地方就是查理大橋中的小城橋塔,也是蜘蛛俠2裡,Peter Parker打算向MJ示愛的地方。
(Screen shot from the file Spider-Man: Far from Home)
The lesser town Bridge Towers is the west entrance of the Charles Bridge which already existed in the 13th century. The Charles Bridge is the famous tourist spot of Prague as the bridge is so beautiful and preserve the memories of the history of Prague. There are many sculptures on the bridge, which were created hundreds years ago. But actually most of they are now in Museum. The sculptures on the bridge are replicas.
(photo credit: Wikipedia)
As MJ mentioned in the movie, the leaders of the anti-Habsburg revolt were executed on the bridge. The bridge contains too many history. I believe you will love it when you see the bridge.