My Postcrossing (10) – Freie Hansestadt Bremen, Germany

none Time to discover the world by Postcrossing again! This time, I received a postcard from Bremen. There are four tourist spots on the postcard!
I didn’t know Breman well. I only know Werder Breman lol. So I spent some time to understand the four spots. Let’s start from the upper left.

It’s the statue of Bremen Roland which is in the market square of Bremen. Roland is the hero of the Song of Roland, an important epic poem In the Middle Age. Roland was a Frankish military leader under Charlemagne. Under the spread of laterature and poem, Roland is a representation of the Middle Age.
On the upper right, you should know what it is if you have watched Grimms’ Fairy Tales. Yes! It is the Town Musicians of Bremen! In the story, a hen, a cat, a dog and a donkey planned to form a band in Breman. Se there it is, beside the Bremen City Hall.
On the lower left photo, we see a golden sculpture. It is the symbol of Böttcherstraße. Böttcherstraße is a very old art street. It is believed that Alchemist in the 15th century worked in the street. In the early 20th century, a coffee trader renovated the street into the shopping street, in the style of the Middle Age. Now, now artists and crafters move to the street.
Finally on the lower right photo, it’s the Wallanlagen, which means wall park. The windmill is the symbol of the park.
I feel Bremen is very fantastic just from web searching. That’s why people call Bremen the “City of Fairy Tale”!