My post of Fundition – Crypto Art & Design Challenge [Round 13]


I am writing to join the Fundition – Crypto Art & Design Challenge [Round 13].

Actually I can’t say it’s a submission as I am not an artist, not an designer. I don’t even know painting! So why will I join this challenge. When I first saw the post, I already got the idea of the submission work! I would like to share the concept. Although I don’t know drawing nor designing, I try my best to present my idea through my poor Photoshop skill.

這是我參加Fundition – Crypto Art & Design Challenge [Round 13]的文章。

其實,我也不能這是參賽文章,認識我的人都知道我不懂畫畫,不懂設計!你又叫我如何參與藝術設計比賽!!如果我有一幅很美的作品,那就肯定是有槍手了。至於我硬是要參加的原因,是因為我看到這個比賽,就第一時間有點子了,我目的只是想分享這個點子哈哈。雖然我不懂設計或畫畫,我也嘗試用我爛透的 PS技術去呈現我的點子

Here is my work 我的作品:

I am sure you may know the two men are Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin. They are two of the most famous artist in the history. They were friends, they were confidant, they worked at the same studio. but because of clashes of the personalities and creativity, they became foe. Finally Van Gogh left an ear to Paul Gauguin and they never met again.


It’s the original photo. The two men are Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron

My concept is inspired by the vision of Fundition: “One World”, “Peace”, “Love”. If Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin were born at presence and they meet Fundition, how would their friendship be? Will they still be friend?


I don’t really think it’s an artwork haha and just to share my concept. Wish you enjoy. It is a very good challenge for artists. Join it!
Challenge’s post: Fundition – Crypto Art & Design Challenge Round 13 — Steemit

活動連結:Fundition – Crypto Art & Design Challenge Round 13 — Steemit

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