Libra will change the world? Libra 白皮書發布了,它將會影響世界?

none Finally, the white paper of Libra was published yesterday. Many people are talking about this. Will it change the world? Although I am any crypto expert, I am interested in it.
We can easily see the ambition of Facebook. It is planning to make Libra the world currency. From the over 20 worldwide companies’ support and 2B users of facebook, we can see the great influence of Libra. The service is also extended to WhatsApp and Messenger. So we can transfer money through WhatsApp in the future?

But it’s not easy to let the world accept Libra. Libra is a stable coin and users over the world can trade using Libra without banks’ complicated operation and service fee. But actually many cryptocurrencies are doing this. The advantage of Libra is just its brand and the support of those worldwide companies. We still can’t see the future of it.
The problem of cryptocurrency is its difficulty to purchase. In HK, where someone call the heaven of Blockchain, headquarter of Bitfinex and, is not easy to buy Bitcoin. It’s the main point if Libra want to spread through the world. Second is the trust, to the majority of the world, cryptocurrency is “virtual currency”. I can do something by cash. Why should I use cryptocurrency? Also, Libra needs personal ID for KYC verification. People caring about privacy won’t register. All these are the problem being faced by cryptocurrency.
In the other hand, the gimmick of cryptocurrency is decentralisation and crypto. Do you trust Facebook? Calibra claims that it won’t provide information to Facebook. Do you trust? People say China is monitoring WeChat. I believe that USA is also monitoring Facebook. Calibra says that their users don’t need to have facebook account. But, who don’t have facebook account now?
另一方面,加密貨幣主張的是去中心化和加密,不過,你相信facebook不會監管Libra? Facebook聲稱Calibra不會將財務資料提供給facebook,你相信嗎?它說的是不會,而不是不能。很多人說中國在監管著微信,其實,我相信美國也在監控著facebook。同一時間,Calibra稱用戶不需要是facebook用戶,但,會用Calibra的人,又有多少人沒有facebook帳戶?
At the same time, the House Committee on Financial Services of United States House of Representatives is requesting facebook to stop the development of Libra at this moment, as the questions of how Libra will operate, how Libra will protect the data of users and how Libra will follow the monitor of world financial system are still not solved. Yeah, they are locking horns. the USA won’t let facebook to harm their benefit. My first impression of Libra is that Facebook is putting a leg on the financial industry without the name of blockchain. But Libra did help to move Blockchain forward to the world. Let’s see how will the world be in the coming few years.