Learn and Learn, Lessons and Lessons….. 數不完的課,數不盡的筆記


Starting from October, I got my new job, and I started attending new courses. I believe you may find my number posts dropped a lot this month. It’s because I am really too busy to write new posts…..

Here is my schedule:

Mon: day off, but 7-10pm tourist guide course
Tue: 11am – 8pm work, 7-10pm Financial Management course
Wed: 11am-8pm work, 7-10pm tourist guide course
Thu: 11am-8pm work
Fri: 11am-8pm work, 7-10pm Financial Management course
Sat: 11am-8pm work
Sun: day off, but 9am-6pm tourist guide course



一:放假,但7 – 10pm上導遊課

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 7.18.59 PM.png

So it’s already a miracle that I can still keep posting! Everyday I feel sleeping hahahaha! As I started working in the tourism industry, it’s always helpful if I have a guide license. The course is a part time course and the total hour is 150 hours, with 90% attendance required. It means I can’t skip any lessons and such life will continue until next year….

The licensing exam consists of two parts: written exam and practical exam. Written exam contains questions related to tourism’s knowledge, guide’s knowledge, and history of China and Hong Kong. All are short questions and fill in the blank questions. NO MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS! Let me show you the notes…..




Practical exam is examining your guide’s skill in a mock tour! Participants have to introduce the tourist spots around and the related knowledge in a shuttle bus. Yes, shuttle bus and it means the bus is moving. You need to mention all the points needed before the bus finishes the route. And at the same time if there is traffic jam, you have to keep talking……It’s a challenge of improvisation….

So financial management course is a personal course teaching me the knowledge of my financial management. Although there is no exam, there are many new concept to me and I believe it’s very important to my entire life! So I never think of skipping any lesson.



Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 7.21.30 PM.png
Bear Market comes! Time to save money and invest!

The conclusion is, I only have 3 free nights (which mean 2-3 hours before midnight) and 1 free day (if there is no meeting or appointment that I have to attend) only. I still need to spare time for the studies of two courses. I really want to die……

End of post….

結論是,我每星期有3個空閒晚上 (說的是距半夜前的兩三個小時),和一個空閒日間 (如果當天沒有必須出席的會議或約見客人),除了處理日常事務,還要學習,還要念書,還要寫文章,還有不要忘記香港的下班放假不一定真的代表了下班放假,我真的想死….



Thanks for spending your time to read my articles. I like to share stories of Hong Kong. I wish you may support me and I will keep going!