I am back! After a busy project! 繁忙過後回來了!


One week! Totally one week leaving steemit! Finally I am back hahaha!

It’s really a busy project. And it’s the first time I tried the position. In the project, I was working like a producer. A crew from a Southeast Asia’s country was coming to HK shooting a TV series. As they had no idea about shooting in HK, like applying shooting permit at tourist spot, or calling shuttle, looking for beautiful locations, I am the one who help in their shooting.




They came HK last Saturday and started recee until night before go back to hotel. And it’s the start of my work. I brought them to different locations to see what they needed. Then on Sunday, I came to the airport again to pick up another half of the crew. And they started to get problem that I had to solve, just like renting walkie talkie, props, changing pre shooting schedule, etc. Every change of time and location in the schedule means I had to contact the location for changing the shooting permit.

他們在上星期六到了香港,之後就開始了視察拍攝地點,直到晚上才回酒店check in,這也是我工作的開始。之後在星期日,我又再次到達機場迎接團隊的另一半成員,這時候開始有不同問題出現了,我要一一解決,如他們需要對講機、道具、轉換拍攝地點、更改拍攝流程等等。由於很多拍攝地都是景點,這也意味著我要不斷的聯絡景點更改拍攝許可的內容。

The shooting time of this location was changed at least three times

The first day of shooting, Ngong Ping 360 and the Big Buddha was visited. Then came to the clock tower, Wong Tin Sin Temple, observation wheel, 1881 and also Central, as well as some extra location that are not allowed to shoot. And my role came. I had to try my best to block anyone who stopped our shooting. They can be security manager of the location, or even the police. Everyday there were new problems. I just woke up at around 6-7am and worked till midnight. Really exhausted. But I gained a lot of experience in it, especially the attraction of HK’s spots to others.


It’s also my first time enjoying the Big Buddha through the cable car

Yesterday, the crew came back to their country and I finally finished the project. It was my 3rd time going to the airport in just one week haha. before departing we took a group photo but I cannot share now. The TV should go to public half year later. At that time I will share more about it! Bon Voyage!