Hong Kong Snapshot(117) Island, Ping Chau 香港隨拍(117) 小島・坪洲

none Xanadu. For me, Ping Chau is one of the few Xanadu left in Hong Kong. If I need to move suddenly, I will choose Ping Chau to stay. There are three small islands with a population over 1000 in Hong Kong. Ping Chau is the smallest and the only non-tourist’s spot. Ping Chau, gives me peace and retirement from the world.

Ping Chau is around 1 km square in size, with a population of around 5000. In the 1970s, Ping Chau is a heavy industrial island with more than 100 factories. The biggest matches factory of Southeast Asia was at Ping Chau. Since the industrial reposition of Hong Kong, factories closed. Young people moved out of the island and only the old people stayed until recently. Although Ping Chau is an island, only 25 minutes is needed from Central to Ping Chau by ferry.
Ping Chau is a rare place still not commercialised in Hong Kong. On the island, there are only two chain stores: a supermarket and a bank. All stores in Ping Chau are owned by the residents. The fundamental facilities are sufficient in Ping Chai. We can see the fire station, police station, sports centre and public library. And I like Ping Chau that there are no vehicles.
The commercial area of Ping Chau is formed by two small streets. The small streets and alleys demonstrate the real Old Hong Kong style. Many old stores that can rarely be seen are still here.
Everyone can feel the peace in Ping Chau. You can see chairs on the coast. Old people are chatting and enjoying the cool. There is no vehicles and noise. Buildings are only 3 – 4 storeys high, without the stress from the skyscrapers in Hong Kong Urban area. We can only release such stress on this small island in Hong Kong.
Houses are built beside the coast. What an enjoyable sleeping with the sound of waves! On the promenade, people are jogging, cycling, walking dogs and enjoying the sun. We can see chairs, tables, salted fishes and even an elliptical trainer lol.
You may never think that there is such a beautiful island in Hong Kong. And it only takes around 30 mins ferry. Recently, more and more young people and artists are moving the Ping Chau. But I was visiting in weekday and the art stores and studios usually open at the weekend. Maybe next time, let me share the arts of Ping Chau to you!
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