Hong Kong Snapshot(116) A temple in the middle of the pavement 香港隨拍(116) 路中心有一座廟


After introducing Kwun Yum Temple and Lux Theatre in the last two posts, I kept hanging around Hung Hoi District. Then I found a small, old temple in the middle of the pavement? Yes, the temple is just at the center of the T shape pavement blocking the way. Of course, a temple wouldn’t be built in the middle of the pavement without reason. It’s the Fuk Tak Temple which was built in the late Song Dynasty. Till now, it’s almost 800 years.



Who is Fuk Tak? It’s the “God of Soil and Ground”, which can be defined as land and village. Fuk Tak is the most common God in HK. You can even find his statue on the street, under the tree or outside a house. There was also one in my home. According to legend, Fuk Tak was a servant. One day his master just left home for a government position, letting her daughter. So Fuk Tak took the little daughter to find him. In the long trip, there was heavy snow and Fuk Tak took off all the clothes for the little daughter and died. His action touched the Heaven and he was appointed to be the ‘Fuk Tak Lord, God of the heavily Southern Gate’. His master built a temple for him and the worship was spread to now.



Fuk Tak is the god of protecting the land so it is common in Chinese society. You have to worship him no matter you are living, moving, traveling or working at a place. Decades ago, there is Fuk Tak in every home of HK. Now, there are over 10 Fuk Tak Temple in HK and the oldest one should the Hung Hom Fuk Tak Temple.



Why is this temple in the middle of the pavement? Because it’s already here a hundred years ago! In around 1970s, the HK government started the develop the Hung Hom district. The government planned to dismantle the temple and so didn’t consider it’s position. But it was strongly opposed by the residents. Finally, the temple was kept and just stayed in the middle of the pavement.


紅磡德福古廟紅磡德福古廟 紅磡德福古廟 紅磡德福古廟

Up till now, there are still a lot of people worshiping the Fuk Tak God of the temple. When I was photoing there were already 4-5 people worshipping. There is no staff in the temple. It’s just operated by people voluntary donating. If you wish I believe it’s easy for you to steal the money. But I don’t guarantee you can be safe if discovered by the residents haha.


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