Hong Kong Snapshot(105) – The Observation Wheel of Hong Kong 香港隨拍(105) – 香港摩天輪


Initially, I planned to publish my Hong Kong Snapshot in series but my new job is quite busy. I may not have time to study a place to give you a full description of a place about it’s history, culture etc. , or I can only write a post in long time. So I have to write my Hong Kong Snapshot randomly introducing good places of Hong Kong again. And this time I would like to let you know more about the Observation Wheel of Hong Kong.



In the modern age, an observation wheel is already a must have item in an international city. The number of observation wheels keep rising rapidly in the last ten years. Actually in the 1960s, we already had observation wheel in Hong Kong.

The observation wheel was located at the Kai Tak Playground, near the old Hong Kong airport. It was just a simple wheel and was dismantled in the 1980s. Besides, there was also an observation wheel in Lai Yuen, another playground of Hong Kong and was dismantled in 1997.



photo source: web一web:回憶中的遊樂場 | 蘋果日報 | 要聞港聞 | 20070118

In 2014, we finally have a modern observation wheel in Hong Kong. The height of the wheel is 60m. It’s not a high wheel, at least not high among the observation wheels in the world. However, the attraction of the HK observation wheel is that it is located at the Central Promenade. It means that in the wheel you can enjoy the night view of the Victoria Harbour, which is described as the top three night view in the world.



The HK observation wheel was almost demolished in 2017. In mid 2017, the contract of the observation wheel was going to end in Sept and the HK government planned to pass the new contract to another contractor. But the old contractor claimed that the new contractor couldn’t prove that they have enough capital to buy the observation wheel. If the two contractors couldn’t come to a conclusion in the handover, the observation wheel would be demolished and the new contractor had to build a new one. It would take 20 months.

Finally, the two contractors came to a conclusion and the observation wheel reopened in Dec 2017. The fee decreases from HK$100 to HK$20 per person. Now, we can take the observation wheel with only HK$20 for 20 minutes. And it only takes HK$160 for a private gondola. You can enjoy 20 minutes private moment.



DSC01012 2.JPG

Today I was doing a test run of a new tour which include the wheel but unfortunately, because of typhoon the wheel was closed. Anyway, let me end the post with some beautiful picture of the observation wheel taken by me.



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