Get to Know me @aaronli with 10 posts 用10篇文章認識我更多吧



20181011 Get to Know me @aaronli with 10 posts 用10篇文章認識我更多吧

Sorry @stabilowl, I missed your post and didn’t know you had tagged me for so long time haha. So now it’s my post and wish all of you will know more about me and my Steemit life!

I had published over 300 posts in Steemit and it’s really hard to select only 10. Below are the 10 posts I believe which can represent my Steemit life the most:

1 my second introducemyself post! I want to share my life of trough – I was cheated and got a debt of US $60K


The first post of course is my introduction post. It introduced my background, hobbies and reason joining Steemit. To know more about me, feel free to read the post!

2 Hong Kong Snapshot (1) – St. Mary Church and Space Invaders, French famous urban artist 香港隨拍(1) – 聖馬利亞堂及法國街頭藝術家Space Invaders


As a HK lover, I started share what I know about HK to steemit 1 year ago. And it becomes my longest series in Steemit. 3 months ago, the #100 was published: Hong Kong Snapshot (100) – A Summary 香港隨拍 (100) – 100期的小結 and I will continue to write it!
香港隨拍,不要跟我說沒有看過!這個文章系列是我上年七月開始的,是我最長的文章系列,三個月前已經有100篇了:Hong Kong Snapshot (100) – A Summary 香港隨拍 (100) – 100期的小結



It’s my first time online gathering. It’s the Steemit HK gathering. I am really happy to know so many new friends in steemit. By the way, it’s actually the 2nd Steemit HK gathering. For the first one, you may read @htliao post: The FIRST Steemit Team HK gathering! Check it out!
其實steemit聚是我人生的第一次面基網聚…..認識了很多香港的俊男美女,其實俊男美女真的很多……我都以一敵百了….我這篇是第二次聚,第一篇可看:The FIRST Steemit Team HK gathering! Check it out!

4 Tell us a story of your city! “A City a story” photo weekly contest #1 HOME


A City A Story photo weekly contest should be the first contest I hosted in Steemit till now. But there are not so much participants now and wish you all may join!
A City A Story是我第一次在steemit辦的比賽,直到現在還在辦,不過好像沒有很多人參加……希望你們都參加一下吧~

5 (VIDEO3000+ followers REACHED! A Video for you! Thank You! — Steemit


A milestone for me! Thanks the support from all of you and I reached 3000 followers in 8 months. And now, I had almost 5000 followers and I will keep working hard!
一個里程埤!!沒想到我這個人都有3000 followers!其實這是幾個月前的事,現在已接近5000人了,謝謝你們的支持,我會繼續努力!

6 Chinese Culture Project – The first project to promote Chinese poetry on Steemit is now online! 《樂筆詩塾》 – Steemit首個中國詩歌推廣計劃,今天上線了! — Steemit


CCPHK, full name is Chinese Culture Project Hong Kong, is a project found by @kona, @livinguktaiwan, @nanesesame, @perlia and me. And now we have new member @susanlo. We hope steemians may know more about Chinese Culture by this project and wish you all enjoy our works!
樂筆詩塾是我,@kona, @livinguktaiwan, @perlia, @nanosesame組成的計劃,現在加入了@susanlo,希望向外國的朋友介紹中國的文化知識,其實都花了我們不少心血的,大家支持一下吧!

7 The born of Oriental Hub, a brand new HK-based community supporting Project! 一個以香港為基地的社區計劃 – Oriental Hub誕生了! — Steemit


In April, I, @htliao, @honoru and @prch found the Oriental Hub, a community supporting project in HK. We wish to gather the user in HK and have a better contact with other regions. Unfortunately, all of us are too busy and the project is now temperately turned down. I wish we may continue the project soon!
今年四月的時候,我,@htliao, @honoru, @prch組成了Oriental Hub,希望聚集香港區的用戶,成為香港區的媒介,我們之前還與日本及新加坡合辦活動!不過大家都忙….希望很快可以大家一起再搞活動吧!

8 加入Steemit一週年1 year anniversary in Steemit

I can never imagine I can stay here for a year. And I wish one year after I am still here!


9 六月多事,我裸辭了 — Steemit

Another unbelievable one! I quit my job in my steemit life! I worked for this company almost 8 years and finally, I quit. But now, I have a new job and I enjoy it!


10 EN/中文 Introducing dPet, the first blockchain pet community on Steemit / dPet – Steemit 的第一個區塊鏈寵物社群


Actually the 10th post is not written by me haha. But the Chinese version is amended by me. It’s a new project and our members include me, @kona, @perlia, @catwomanteresa, @prch and @travelgirl. It should be the first pets’ community in steemit. Wish you all may support us!
其實第10篇文章不是我寫的,但中文部份曾經我修改。@dPet是steemit第一個以寵物為主題的計劃,由我、@kona, @perlia, @catwomanteresa, @prch及@travelgirl組成,如果你都有寵物,或者你沒有寵物,都來支持我們吧!

If you are my new friends, feel free to read the 10 posts to know more about me, If you are old friends, you should study the 10 posts and remember all the things! HAHA!!!!

Thanks for spending your time to read my articles. I like to share stories of Hong Kong. I wish you may support me and I will keep going!