EyeEm, a great photo sharing platform which you can sell your photos 找到了EyeEm, 一個很棒的攝影社交平台,還可賣照片

Recently I found a very good platform photography lover. It’s called EyeEm and I greatly recommend this platform to all of you.
Why do I recommend this platform? Let me introduce EyeEm to you. It is founded in 2014 and is already the main competitor of Instagram in Europe now. The layout of EyeEm is similar to Instagram. People share their photos in the platform but there are some features that make EyeEm a better platform for photographer:
Official logo of EyeEm
1. Mission
EyeEm likes to organised different missions. For example, the “Holiday Moment” mission just ended request users to share the topic like photos. Every participant is rewarded a one month Adobe Cloud Photography Plan membership and the winner even gets a one year membership. Users can also organise missions. Nikon just organised the “Capture Tomorrow” mission and the winner was awarded a Nikon z 7 Kit! Different missions provide great opportunity for photographers.
2. Sell Photos
Users can sell their photos through EyeEm, because of the contract between EyeEm and Getty Image. Users can apply and put their photos to the market. Once the photos are approved, the photos are on sale. Although there are quite a lot photo sale platform, EyeEm is a combination of social media and photo sale, attracting a lot of users especially those who are not full time or professional photographers.
1. 任務
EyeEm會不定期舉辦很多不同的攝影任務,如早陣子完結的”Holiday Moment”任務就是發佈與主題相關的照片,每一位參加者都能獲得Adobe Cloud Photography Plan的一個月會員,而勝出者則能獲得一年的會員。除了EyeEm官方,更有不同的第三方用戶舉辦任務,如Nikon就剛舉辦了”Capture Tomorrow”任務,勝出者更能獲得Nikon Z 7 Kit!除此之外還有很多不同的任務,對於攝影愛好者是很好的發揮空間!
2. 賣照片賺錢
除了分享照片,EyeEm還能賣照片賺錢,因為EyeEm早與Getty Image簽訂了合作,用戶在EyeEm分享的照片,都可以申請出售,經過檢測成功的照片就能放到市場上出售。雖然網上早已有很多賣照片的平台,但一個以社交平台為主,卻同時可以賣照片的平台,卻能成功吸引不少用戶參與,尤其是一些不是專業攝影人士,在分享美照同時也能賺取一些外快。
I joined EyeEm few days ago and uploaded around twenty photos to test the standard selecting photos. Here’s the points I found:
1. EyeEm has strong sense of copyright protection. Some of my photos contained passerby and I was requested to get the model release from them. EyeEm provided me a link for each model. What I need to do is to find the model, send him the link and let him fill some information through the link.Of course I couldn’t find the model haha. Apart from human, release from shops, goods and even ships are also needed.
But it’s still ok even you can’t get the release. The photos can be still sold with Editorial Use and of course, the price is not as high as those with commercial use.
2. Art shots, mood photos and photos with strong topic are more easily to be selected.
3. High requirement of photos’ quality. All my photos taken by iPhone 6s are not selected.
1. 他們的版權意識很強,我有一些照片拍攝到的路人,它要求我要全部得到許可。得到許可的方法很簡單,EyeEm早已安排了連結,只要我找到那個路人,把連結發給他,他在連結中填寫一些個人資料就可以了,只是我不知道從哪找那個路人罷了。除了人之外,我拍攝到的一些商店、貨物、甚至輪船,都需要得到相關公司的許可。
不過就算得不到許可都不要緊,照片仍可以Editorial Use的用途售賣,當然,價錢就沒有商業用途的那麼好了。
2. 藝術照、有鮮明主題的照片更容易獲審核。
3. 照片質素要求很高:我放了幾張iPhone 6S拍的照片,全都不獲審核。
I even didn’t which models need release haha
This photo was taken by iPhone 6s
I uploaded around 20 photos. 15 were on the market and 6 of them were selected by partner with full commercial use. I still do not the price. May be I will check in Getty image. If you are interested In EyeEm, just join it!
我放了大約二十多張照片,現時有15張獲審核放到市場,其中6張可用作商業用途,至於售價如何,我還未知道,有空要上Getty Image看一下。如果你們都對自己的攝影作品有信心,不妨放到EyeEm碰碰運氣吧!