[EN/CN] Coinbase new lessons! Earn EOS! Coinbase有新課程了!這次是EOS!

none Few week ago I introduced Coinbase Earn, which provides short videos to introduce the concept of technique of different crypto. Users are rewarded with tokens. Have you tried? Now there is new course, the EOS course. We can earn $10 EOS by spending less than 10 minutes to watch the videos.
之前介紹過Coinbase Earn,透過看簡單影片了解各種crypto原理去賺幣,不知大家有沒有一起去學習?現在Coinbase更新了EOS的課程了!只要花個10分鐘看視頻,就能得到等價10刀的EOS了!

Entering the main page of coinbase.com, we can find “Earn Crypto
當我們進入Coinbase.com,在主頁會找到 Earn Crypto
We can see the EOS course is at the first place.
There are 5 videos in the beginner lessons, with 2-3 minutes each. At the bottom, we can find that the Advanced lessons is coming soon. It means we can earn more by watching the advanced lessons in the future!
進入課程頁面,我們會見到5段視頻,每段都只是大約2-3分鐘,而在最底部我們會見到Advanced Lesson Coming Soon,這意味著在未來我們可以再看更多視頻賺幣!
It is the lesson 1. Just to learn what EOSIO and EOS are. The video is in English, but with english subtitle. So no need to be afraid of not understanding.
進入課程1,先看視頻了解什麼是EOSIO及EOS!課程是說英語的 ,不過英語不好也不怕,因為有英文字幕。
After the video, it’s time to take the quiz. Simple question right? I believe you can answer even without watching the videos.
$2 EOS is earned after the quiz!
Soon, 5 lessons were finished in 10 minutes. Let’s check the wallet. Haha! 1.29 EOS is rewarded which is equal to $10! Although it’s not that much, we all know that the bull market is coming soon. It’s not surprised for a coin rising 10 times. So this $10 EOS may soon be $100 EOS! Also, it’s never a waste of time to watch videos learning knowledge of crypto. So, let’s go and earn and remember to click my referral link: Coinbase | Earn Stellar Lumens
很快的,我花了10分鐘完成5節的課程,最後看看我的Wallet,哈哈!已經有1.29 EOS了,等值$10。雖然數值不多,但大家都預測牛市快來,一個幣升10倍都是常事,說不定這10刀很快就變成了100刀了!加上,上上課了解一下不同的幣,也是好事,所以,大家快一起來賺幣吧!記得用我的邀請連結哈哈:Coinbase | Earn Stellar Lumens