A warning to me: my English is not as good as I expect! 糟了!英語不夠用


In the past, although I knew my English was not good, there was no difficulties in daily conversation with foreigners. Until I started my new work, I wanted to improve my English especially in listening so as to adopt to the enviroment. A week ago, I wrote a post introducing VoiceTube, an excellent English learning website for Chinese and I started to watch one video a day.


Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 16.57.30.png

I started with beginner video and soon found it’s not challenging for me soon. So today, I tried to watch a BBC lifestyle video and see how much I can get it. Holy shit! When I first watched the video without any subtitles, I could only get 30% and had no idea what the video is talking about in general! My listening skill is much worse than what I expected! It is the link and you can try it also: 為什麼萬聖節要刻南瓜? (Halloween: How did we fall in love with pumpkins? – BBC News) – VoiceTube《看影片學英語》

一開始我看的都是初階英語,很快就覺得沒有挑戰性了,所以今天我嘗試看一條BBC的生活類影片,看看我到底懂多勳。但當我第一次看沒有字幕的版本時,糟了!我只能聽懂30%的內容,整個影片的大意我完全拿不準!原來我的聆聽能力比我想像還要差!這是我看的影片,你也來試一下吧: 為什麼萬聖節要刻南瓜? (Halloween: How did we fall in love with pumpkins? – BBC News) – VoiceTube《看影片學英語》

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Then I watch the video with subtitles and found that I knew 95% of the words. The only problem is the British accent! I am strange to British accent and that’s why I can’t understand the video! Then I searched for the web to see how to practise listening more efficiently. The only conclusion is keep listen and listen…..

I found an article of Tang Wei, a famous Chinese actress. She studied in UK for half year without knowing any English. She put herself in a complete English environment and keep listening English during transport, preparing meal, brushing teeth, and even sleeping. After half year, she became a fluent Eng speaker.



Tang Wei 湯唯

So I believe I can do the same thing. Although I can’t practice 24 hours, I can try to watch and watch Eng video in bus, in MTR, at home…etc. It’s now my first target and please support me!


Thanks for spending your time to read my articles. I like to share stories of Hong Kong. I wish you may support me and I will keep going!